The Benefits of Ad-blockers

In today’s internet world ads are shown to us in every way possible: paid ads in a Google Search, auto playing video ads on news sites, or even simple picture-based ads. Ads are absolutely everywhere. Not only are they a nuisance and a privacy concern, but online ads can also spread virus and phishing attacks. An ad-blocker can be an extremely simple, effective way of protecting your devices.

While ads aren’t inherently bad, companies’ laziness in how they source their advertisements has created a problem. Most companies order their ads from third-party advertising agencies. These agencies then display a rotating set of ads on a website, but these agencies very rarely take the time to review the advertisers paying them. This leads to “Malvertising,” the spreading of malware and viruses through online ads.

Whether you’re looking for protection, anonymity, or merely freedom from the onslaught of ads being everywhere, ad-blockers can help. By preventing these advertisements from loading, ad-blockers can provide safer browsing, quicker website loading times, decreased data usage, and even increased privacy from online ad tracking. It’s difficult to understate the benefits of ad-blockers.

One of the great things about ad-blockers are their accessibility. Ad-blockers can be installed as browser extensions. Impact Technology Solutions suggests uBlock Origin as the safest, most effective ad-blocker available. You can click the link below to add uBlock Origin to Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.


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