Windows 7 is Dying & a Security Risk

Look we know it’s bad but we’re gonna tell you what is and how you can fix it. The good news is you still have time, but the bad news is you only have 3 and a half months. Let’s dive in.

What’s the Deal?

The dreaded end of an operating system. Every couple of years organizations scramble to upgrade and roll out a new OS.

Starting January 14th, 2019, Microsoft will end extended support for our beloved Windows 7.

What does this tangibly mean for you? Windows 7 computers will no longer receive security updates so they will be more susceptible to viruses and attackers.

What are your Options?

If you don’t want to upgrade to Windows 10 you do have several options:

  1. Extended Security Updates (ESUs)

Windows 7 Pro and Enterprise along with Server 2008 are eligible for PAID ESUs. You can purchase updates for example Windows 7 Pro the cost is $50 per device per year going up to $100 per device per year for the second year.

This is a LAST RESORT and should only be used if upgrading is not an option right now. These extended security updates will only be available for 3 years.

2. Upgrade Existing Computers to Windows 10

This option is great because the files and the programs can in a majority of cases be preserved. This is about as labor intensive as rolling out a new computer minus the cost of the hardware.

3. Deploying New Hardware

This is the most expensive option but in some cases it makes sense when computers are running slow because of older hardware and if you have remote locations or satellite offices it can be easier for IT to configure a computer and then send it out rather than getting the old computer and trying to perform an update which ultimately causes greater downtime.

How Do I Do This?

The reality is this situation sucks for everyone, except maybe Microsoft who is pushing everyone to Windows 10.

Here is a list of possible options you could take:

  • Make a plan with your I.T. department to upgrade and deploy new computers
  • Go find an empty closet and cry quietly
  • Hire ITS to help you make a game plan and execute it
  • Talk to your grandma and ask for her advice
  • Ask Google to flip a coin on whether or not to use ITS

If you need any help or just someone to talk to give us a call at 901-250-2157. Or if you don’t want to pick up your phone, email and we’ll help you navigate this situation.